Microorganism Inventory – Viruses

Emery Pharma has over 1,500 microbial strains in our inventory. Listed below are our strains of viruses. We also have a list of bacterial strains and fungal strains. A PDF version of this is list is available here.

Tables of strains on this website are property of Emery Pharma and shall not be reproduced in any way.

Adenovirus Virus ATCC 05 VR-1516 ATCC
Adenovirus 08 (Trim) VR-1604 Virus ATCC
AdenoviruS 19 (AV-587) VR-254 Virus ATCC
Adenovirus 19 (AV-587) VR-255 Virus ATCC
Adenovirus 37 (GW) VR-929 Virus ATCC
HSV-1 (Strain F) VR-733 Virus ATCC