Emery Pharma offers the following methods for cytotoxicity evaluation: Agarose Overlay, MEM Elution, Direct Contact Cytotoxicity, Indirect Contact Agar Diffusion Test or MTT Assay. At our disposal, we have a vast inventory of human and other mammalian cell lines including human fibroblast cell line (ATCC® CCL-1), lung epithelial cell line (ATCC® CRL 2503), peripheral blood monocyte cell line (ATCC® TIB-202) and the kidney epithelial cell line (ATCC® CCL-81) for cytotoxicity evaluation.

We have performed numerous cytotoxicity evaluation studies for our clients where we have determined CT50, the dose or concentration at which a test compound kills 50% of cells in vitro, for skin care, ophthalmic, probiotic and antimicrobial test articles.

Cytotoxicity Testing Cells