FDA Recall of Zantac

How Emery Pharma’s discovery of a human carcinogen in the popular OTC drug led to a nationwide recall.

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Citizen Petition on Vitamin B6 Toxicity

Emery Pharma Files an FDA Citizen Petition on Vitamin B6 Toxicity and Urges The Agency to Require a Warning Label

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COVID-19 Updates

Going the extra mile to support R&D efforts for our clients. Learn more about how Emery Pharma is working to accelerate research for potential treatments.

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Emery Pharma

FDA Registered/Inspected
DEA Licensed
cGMP/GLP Compliant

We can become the bridge to your success!

Emery Pharma is a full-service contract research laboratory, specializing in microbiology, cell biology, medicinal chemistry, and bioanalytical services.

For more information, click on one of our services below:

LC-MS Analysis

Mass spectroscopy is ideal for qualitative and quantitative analysis of your compound, even at very low concentrations.

NMR Spectroscopy

Our qualified 400 MHz NMR performs 1D and 2D experiments on a variety of nuclei for structural characterization or compound quantification.

Bioanalytical Services

From HPLC analysis to Prep-LC purification, we run standardized methods, or we can develop a custom method just for you.

Medicinal Chemistry Support

Our team of highly experienced scientists can help turn your medicinal, synthetic, or organic chemistry ideas into reality.

MIC/MBC Assays

We test for antimicrobial susceptibility and sensitivity from our bank of over 1000 multi-drug-resistant microbial strains.

Antimicrobial Synergy

Checkerboard Testing

Sometimes the sum of two parts is greater than the individual components, and this test can prove it.

Biofilm Testing

Drug penetration testing is incredibly important when 80% of infections are caused by biofilms.

Litigation Support

Beyond the lab, we also apply our vast technical and industry experience for clients with litigations or regulatory challenges.

What Our Clients Say

"We have been working with Emery Pharma for the past several months and are impressed with their quality of work. We are extremely satisfied with their services provided, including scientific expertise, excellent problem solving skills, precise laboratory work, and timely deliveries. Emery Pharma has proven to be incredibly helpful with our NMR work, they provided structural elucidation of some of our key compounds. Dr. Chuck Francavilla and his team are truly experts in utilizing their 400MHz Bruker NMR, performing experiments such as 2D NMR (HSQC, HMBC), GMP NMR, COSY NOSY, and much more. Their detailed reports, prompt communication, and swift customer service has been consistently exceptional and we look forward to our future collaborations together."

"We have been engaged in a very versatile cooperation with Emery Pharma for several years. We had different requests, different projects and the EP team always helped us with high professionalism. We often use a variety of techniques to evaluate our antibacterial compounds both in biological tests and by instrumental methods (NMR, HPLC) and had an extremely positive experience of the services offered by EP. In addition to routine tests, we also had positive experience in a rather complex microbiological research: EP perfectly set up and performed this study. I'd also like to mention the fact that EP responded very promptly to all our requests and was very cooperative. I am really satisfied with customer support, speed and quality of results and would definitely recommend their services to my colleagues."

"Emery Pharma provide endless support in supplementing and streamlining our research & development efforts. With their impressive laboratory and knowledgeable team, the company is able to tackle any problem we propose, at low costs and in a short lead-time. Emery Pharma has greatly exceeded our expectations and is an integral part in advancing our product development."

"Scientists’ turnaround samples quickly and are very supportive with new method development. As one of the few analytical labs in the Bay Area that are equipped to handle our samples, EP has been a critical part of the success of our company. Over the last three years, Emery Pharma has provided Primus Power with NMR spectroscopy and LC-MS capabilities to analyze the chemistry of our zinc-bromine flow batteries. EP has been accommodating to the special needs of our samples and receptive to our requests."

"We have been submitting NMR samples to Emery Pharma for a little over a year and we are very happy with their fast turn around and competitive prices."

"We have been delighted with the personalized client services provided by Emery Pharma. The responsiveness has helped to accelerate our screening and validation."

Clinical Stage Biopharmaceutical CompanyLocated in South San Francisco, CA

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