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Integrated End-to-End Drug Development

Serving as an extension of your team, we provide innovative solutions that help navigate the complexities of drug development. With our state-of-the-art instrumentation and key expertise we’ll serve as strategic partners that add value to your program.

Our commitment extends to our extensive expertise in analyzing any marketed drug for clinical trial support. With well-established and proven methods, we can efficiently assess the safety, efficacy, and quality of your drug, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Everything Emery Pharma does, from management and laboratory operations, to the design and layout of our facility, revolves around finding solutions for our clients’ toughest scientific challenges.

Services by stage of development

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Maximize your chances of success in later phases using our strategy-driven process to select the best new molecular entities. Combining decades of experience in drug development, Emery Pharma offers the scientific expertise and infrastructure to streamline your project and streamline innovation.

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Expedite your timeline and increase your return on investment. Our team will serve as your development partners to produce high-quality, actionable data, and improve your chances of regulatory success.

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Clinical Trials

Avoid roadblocks by utilizing our customized solutions that are tailored to your clinical development needs. We go beyond integrated end-to-end drug development services by offering unparalleled clinical trial support for all marketed drugs and can partner with your clinical site to perform bioanalytical studies. 


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Post Approval

Conduct market stability and release studies, long term safety and effectiveness studies. Supporting our client's Phase 4 studies, safety monitoring, developing scientific marketing data, impurity profiling, and more.

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Leverage data to improve your market launch and support post-approval success. We offer clinical studies to support label expansion to sustain your marketing products. Our team brings world-class expertise in safety solutions, such as impurity characterization and elucidation.

Emery Pharma Can Help

with Your Discovery and Development Programs

Emery Pharma is a full-service contract research laboratory, specializing in supporting preclinical drug development, including analytical, bioanalytical method development and validation, microbiology & cell biology services, drug and impurity characterization, and general R&D and cGMP/GLP support. Emery Pharma provides exceptional analytical solutions for our Clients’ toughest R&D challenges and tailors those solutions to fit each Client’s unique needs.

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We specialize in LC-MS/MS method development and validation, including multi-component analysis, pro-drugs, metabolites, photo-, and temperature-sensitive compounds.

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We provide ELISA, anti-drug antibody assays (ADA), immunogenicity, neutralizing antibody assays (NAb), multiplexed ligand binding assays (e.g., MSD), LC-MS/MS, and immunoaffinity-based LC-MS assays.

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Stage of Development

We support programs across discovery, pre-clinical studies, clinical trials (Phase I, II, and III), and regulatory submissions across the globe.

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Services Offered

Services include study design, de novo bioanalytical method development, sample cleanup/preparation, qualification, GLP-level validation, and sample analysis.

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Supporting all aspects of formulation development: pre-formulation studies, formulation trials, functional assays, stability assessments, analytical testing, and bioavailability and ADME studies.