Reduce clinical development costs and accelerate your drug development journey through our comprehensive CRO Services. Leveraging decades of experience in drug development, Emery Pharma offers the scientific expertise and infrastructure to streamline your project.

Molecule or Product Type

From small molecules to biologics, to vaccines and cell & gene therapies, every drug development program is unique. We deliver customized solutions to fit your project needs.

Stages of Development

Leveraging decades of experience in drug development, Emery Pharma offers the scientific expertise and infrastructure to streamline your project by addressing any issues early in the drug development process, so you don’t experience unnecessary setbacks.

Analytical Services

From method development to validation, our analytical chemistry experts can help quantitate and characterize a wide range of compounds to accelerate your drug development program.

Bioanalytical Services

Emery Pharma will work as your collaborative partner to deliver integrated bioanalytical solutions. Emery can serve as the central lab for your clinical study or support your pre-clinical package. We deliver robust and sensitive methods to analyze your analyte in a variety of challenging physiological matrices.

Impurity Analysis

Our scientists are experts at quantification of impurities at low levels in pharmaceutical products and APIs. From residual solvents, process-related impurities, to nitrosamine testing, extractables/leachables and degradant related issues, our team will serve as your partners to deliver customized method development and validation.

Biologics Characterization

Emery Pharma can characterize a wide variety of structural and chemical qualities in biologic compounds to and streamline your project. We are highly skilled in solving scientific challenges, and addressing any issues early in the process, so you don’t experience unnecessary setbacks.

Cell & Microbiology Services

With hundreds of bacterial strains including multidrug-resistant clinical isolates, ESKAPE pathogens, and a variety of fungal strains available in our inventory for immediate testing, our BSL-2 laboratory at Emery Pharma can perform microbiological characterization for our clients.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We believe in combining the best intellectual resources with the most sophisticated equipment and instruments. Keeping up-to-date with the latest instrumentation, method, and technical developments.

GLP/cGMP Compliance

We are FDA registered/inspected, DEA licensed and GLP compliant laboratory with extensive experience working with regulatory agencies. Our team will serve as your development partners to produce high-quality, actionable data, and improve your chances of regulatory success.

Consulting & Litigation Support

As leading experts in the field of drug development, our scientific team provide analytical analysis and litigation support services. We have extensive experience supporting commercial liability claims, patent protection or infringement disputes, Hatch-Waxman, and product performance or quality claims.

Botanical Drug Development

Emery Pharma has extensive experience in working with new botanical drugs and have been highly successful in spearheading multiple botanical drugs from conception, through discovery R&D, IND submission, and clinical trials. To deal with unique challenges encountered in botanical drug discovery and development, we employ a unique team with multifaceted experience including traditional analytical chemistry, biochemistry, formulation science, natural products, and customized assay development.