How do I get in contact with Emery Pharma?

Please e-mail us at or call 510-899-8814

How do I set up a study at Emery Pharma?

Our services are tailor-made to ensure the client gets the information they require quickly and . Emery Pharma will assign a project coordinator whose skills best matches the requirements of the client. That individual will act as the first point of contact and ensure all data are reported to the sponsor in an appropriate and timely manner. After discussion with the client about their needs, the project coordinator will then set up a study proposal (quotation) including timelines, costs, and experimental details and conditions. Upon receipt of the signed quotation, Emery Pharma will initiate testing.

How do I submit test items?

All test samples must be delivered to:

Emery Pharma
1000 Atlantic Ave Suite 110
Alameda, CA 94501

Please include the sample submission form with your samples. For our local clients, you may drop samples off at our facility between 7:30am-6:00pm. There is a drop box located just outside of our door, please e-mail us for the lock combination.

What are the typical turn-around times?

For our analytical services (NMR & LCMS) the turn-around is 2-5 business days. Same day services are also an option (additional charges may apply), please e-mail us for details.

Due to the highly variable nature, for all other services the turn-around times will be given in the quotation.

How is the data reported?

Results will be reported as an electronically tabulated report. The raw data can also be supplied if requested.