Emery Pharma Overview

Emery Pharma is a full-service contract research laboratory, specializing in analytical, microbiology & cell biology testing, custom synthesis, and general R&D Support.

We are located in Alameda, CA, the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. Since it’s founding in 2011, Emery Pharma have been continuously serving local clients in Emeryville, Berkeley, Hayward, Union City, Menlo Park, Alameda, South San Francisco, and many others. Due to their proximity, when these clients find themselves within our neighborhood, we encourage them to stop by for a chat with any of our personnel, check out the latest additions to our ever growing array of analytical equipment, and/or bounce any ideas they have off of our scientists for feedback.

In the meantime, while the Bay Area is the main source of our clientele, our services are just as accessible to clients across the United States, and even abroad. Some out-of-state companies we are currently working with can be found in Russia, Ukraine, Japan, and Canada.

No company can be too large or too small to find a use for our services. Our clientele has ranged from one-time research contracts with pre-startup companies consisting of a single scientist, to long-term contracts with federal-level companies such as the NIH.

Mission Statement

“Combine the strength of our expertise, experience, and innovation to provide the best chemistry and biology R&D services available.”

“Helping save lives and save the environment.”

Solving Your Toughest Problems

Everything Emery Pharma does, from management team development and laboratory staff daily operations to the design and layout of our facility, revolves around finding solutions for our clients’ toughest R&D challenges. We are well-situated to help clients from a variety of disciplines, having helped clients in battery technology, plastic manufacturing, 3D printing, drug discovery, medical device manufacturing, and antibiotic development, among others, to overcome their most difficult R&D problems.

State-of-the-Art Instrumentation

Emery Pharma Bruker Ultrashield 400 MHz NMR

At Emery Pharma, we believe in combining the best intellectual resources with the most sophisticated equipment and instruments. Keeping up-to-date with the latest instrumentation, method, and technical developments, not only are our scientists fully prepared to optimize and streamline your project, they are able to suggest additional studies that could help you take your product or project even further.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

Whether a client chooses a standard assays/protocol or requests a customized testing method, Emery Pharma’s scientists will ensure that our client’s specific needs are met. We keep our customers continually informed and updated throughout the testing process, and gladly answer any questions or address any feedback they may have along the way. Once a study is done, our scientists then deliver a clean, complete report incorporating all relevant raw data (spectra, chromatographs, etc.), description of all analytical methods used, and thoughtful data interpretation.

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