News // PR Businesswire: Vertosa Engages Emery Pharma for Development of Cannabis-Infused Products

PR Businesswire: Vertosa Engages Emery Pharma for Development of Cannabis-Infused Products

ALAMEDA/OAKLAND, CA — Vertosa, a science-first cannabis company that creates the most effective and reliable active ingredients for infused products, today announced the United States patent for one of its core emulsion formulas. Validated by more than two years of use in the market, the now patented formula is part of a growing portfolio of intellectual property for Vertosa and its brand partners. In addition, Vertosa, in partnership with Emery Pharma, an accredited third party full-service contract research laboratory, will conduct a series of Pharmacokinetic (PK) studies that explore the bioavailability of emulsified CBD, THC, and other compounds derived from the cannabis plant with a specific focus on the efficacy of various product formats made with cannabis distillate versus cannabis emulsion. The CBD study results will be published this summer. As cannabis legalization expands worldwide, and influential markets like New York emerge, Vertosa’s patented technology and pharmaceutical knowledge will help an even broader range of companies achieve a targeted experience for consumers and accelerate products to market.

“Vertosa’s patent is a key indicator that the U.S. cannabis industry can continue to mature by creating intellectual property that wins the trust of food and beverage brands, both large and small,” said Ben Larson, Vertosa CEO. “Our partnership with Emery Pharma exemplifies our deep commitment to using pharmaceutical knowledge to produce the safest, most effective and reliable fast-acting ingredients on the market and will be a key component as we expand our patent portfolio and knowledge of cannabis consumption.”

Vertosa was issued a U.S. patent May 25, 2021 for a core emulsion formula it has been using since 2019 with brands such as Vita Coco EU, WUNDER, Artet and Calexo. Vertosa’s state-of-the-art, water-dispersible solution is far more bioavailable than conventional oils, which means consumers benefit from a consistent experience and more rapid onset, allowing for greater control and metered dosing. Vertosa’s patented technology, and the company’s portfolio of emulsions, are also the most proven and stable solutions on the market, especially as it pertains to aluminum can stability. This means the solutions do not experience separation, sedimentation, or droplet size increases and have been lab tested for a variety of manufacturing processes.

Companies not only sell products, they also sell trust. As cannabis consumption continues to expand into the mainstream, companies will seek ways to further improve infused products that offer a safe and reliable experience for consumers. Vertosa’s partnership with Emery Pharma will examine the bioavailability of CBD, THC and other cannabis-derived compounds as it pertains to the efficacy of gummies and beverages made with cannabis distillate versus cannabis emulsion. The PK studies are expected to provide brands with the data needed to effectively bring products to market. Once available, Vertosa will actively share the research data with other operators to ensure the growth and sophistication of the cannabis industry as a whole.

Emery Pharma will work with the Vertosa team to conduct multiple PK studies in order to better understand how CBD and THC is absorbed into the body and metabolized. This will strengthen Vertosa’s understanding of its products and will ultimately enhance the safety and efficacy of the company’s formulations.

“We are impressed by Vertosa’s commitment to delivering a safe and effective cannabis formulation to the market-place,” said Ron Najafi, Ph.D., Emery Pharma President and CEO.

About Vertosa
Founded in 2018, Vertosa is a science-first cannabis company that creates the most effective and reliable active ingredients for infused products. Its patented and patent-pending emulsion systems are carefully designed for the specific needs of each customer, with pre-suspended aqueous solutions that create incredibly homogeneous and stable products while maximizing bioavailability, clarity and taste. Vertosa works closely with its lab partners and brands of all sizes throughout the manufacturing process to achieve target potency and accelerate products to market. Learn how brands like Vita Coco EU, WUNDER, Artet and Calexo are infused by Vertosa at, and connect on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Emery Pharma
Emery Pharma is a full-service contract research and development laboratory, specializing in analytical chemistry, microbiology, and cell biology services, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR), LC-MS/MS, HPLC, UPLC, and much more. The facility is located in Alameda, CA, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Emery Pharma's mission is to help our clients "Save Lives and Save the Environment." Emery Pharma is FDA registered and inspected, DEA licensed, and GLP/cGMP compliant. The team at Emery Pharma is skilled in Method Development and Validation, Characterization and Isolation of impurities, Stability Studies, and Release Testing. The company has proprietary and robust microbiological assays aimed to support projects related to novel antimicrobial, anti-biofilm, and antibiotic development. Emery Pharma also develops methods and procedures in support of patent litigation, intellectual property, drug recalls, and product liability cases. Since March 2020, Emery Pharma has engaged in development of a Sars-CoV-2 surrogate betacoronavirus assay for antiviral efficacy testing.

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Emery Pharma is a full-service contract research laboratory, specializing in analytical, bioanalytical chemistry, microbiology & cell biology services, custom synthesis, and general R&D and cGMP/GLP support.