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Celebrating 10 years!

Alameda, CA-Emery Pharma is proudly celebrating its 10th anniversary. Over the last decade, we have supported over 300 clients, from virtual start-ups to the top 5 largest global companies.

We are proud of some of our key accomplishments over the last 10 years. To wrap up a decade of success, we are highlighting a few projects where we have helped make a big impact

  1. Supported novel drug development- from proof-of-concept to IND. Some of the therapeutic areas include:
Oncology Dermatology Urology
Supplements Ophthalmology CNS disorders
Probiotics Biologics oral drug delivery device Oral health
Antibiotics/Antivirals Women’s health Gene therapy
Wound care Antibiotics drug delivery device Botanicals
  1. Drugs and biologics stability studies
  2. Method development and validation under R&D or GLP to determine various analytes, such as hormones, antibiotics, peptides, and pro-drugs in matrices including plasma, serum, food, tissue, urine, and feces
  3. Isolation and characterization of impurities in support of marketed products
  4. Supporting clients with their NDA 505(b)(1), novel reformulated products 505(b)(2), and generic drugs 505(b)(3)
  5. In-vitro release testing (IVRT) and in-vitro penetration testing (IVPT) in support of product development
  6. Laboratory experiments supporting Hatch-Waxman litigations, patent disputes, infringement, and providing expert witness testimony
  7. Phase 1 pharmacokinetic and diagnostic studies in human subjects
  8. IND-enabling toxicokinetic studies
  9. Conducting the key root-cause analysis for the formation of the carcinogenic nitrosamine impurities (i.e., NDMA) in Zantac® leading to a nationwide recall
  10. GLP/cGMP release testing and confirmatory analysis using HPLC, LCMS, and/or NMR
  11. Supporting novel antibiotic/antimicrobial development by utilizing our well established microbiological and chemical drug screening methodologies
  12. NMR and LC-MS analysis of lithium-ion batteries
  13. Development and formulation support of novel therapeutics for dental care and products
  14. Formulation development of nanotechnology (i.e., silver) for wound care applications
  15. Offering microbiological support for probiotic development
  16. Developing and analyzing novel formulations of controlled substances for various CNS applications
  17. Development of Betacoronavirus assay to support COVID-19 antiviral drug development
  18. Collaborating on the development of COVID-19 vaccine
  19. Human clinical trials and testing of COVID-19 antibody therapeutics

None of these achievements would be possible without our dedicated team. We continue to stand by our mission of helping our clients “Save Lives and Save the Environment.” During the next decade, we are determined to uphold the highest commitment to scientific integrity, teamwork, and exceptional service.

We thank you for being part of our company’s success and we look forward to supporting you in the near future!

Emery Pharma

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