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* Emery Pharma is a GLP/cGMP Compliant Contract Research Organization using State-of-the-Art Equipment for All Services Listed.

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Solving Your Toughest Problems

At Emery Pharma, our experienced scientific team finds innovative solutions for your outsourcing needs: from drug discovery, proof-of-concept, data management, data analysis, to gathering insights. We excel at solving scientific challenges, and addressing any issues early on to avoid unnecessary setbacks.

State-of-the-Art Instrumentation

We combine the best intellectual resources with the most sophisticated equipment. Keeping up-to-date with the latest instrumentation, method, and technical developments. Our scientists are fully prepared to optimize your project and can provide study suggestions that could help you take your project even further.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

We keep you continually informed throughout the testing process, and will gladly answer questions along the way. Once a study is done, our scientists deliver a complete report incorporating all relevant raw data (spectra, chromatographs, etc.), description of all analytical methods used, and thoughtful data interpretation.

Supporting End-to-End Research And Development

Reduce clinical development costs and accelerate your drug development journey with our comprehensive CRO Services. Emery Pharma leverages decades of experience to offer the scientific expertise and infrastructure to streamline your project.

Analytical Services

From method development to validation, our analytical chemistry experts can help quantitate and characterize a wide range of compounds to accelerate your drug development program.

Bioanalytical Services

Serving as the central lab for your clinical study or supporting your pre-clinical and clinical package. We deliver robust and sensitive methods in a variety of challenging physiological matrices.

Impurity Analysis

From residual solvents, process-related impurities, to nitrosamine testing, extractables/leachables and degradant related issues, we deliver customized method development and validation.

Biologics Characterization

We can characterize a wide variety of structural and chemical qualities in biologic compounds to and streamline your project. We offer an extensive array of biologics characterization services.

Cell & Microbiology Services

With hundreds of bacterial strains including multidrug-resistant clinical isolates, ESKAPE pathogens, and fungal strains, we can perform microbiological characterization for our clients.

Botanical Drug Development

Working with new botanical drugs, we have been highly successful in spearheading multiple botanical drugs from conception, through discovery R&D, IND submission, and clinical trials.

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Quality is Key

Emery Pharma’s Quality System ensures the quality, safety, and performance requirements for our Clients.

A dedicated Quality Assurance department implements all planned and systematic activities within the quality system. We produce high-quality, actionable data, to strengthen your regulatory package.

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Quality is Key

Emery Pharma’s Quality System ensures the quality, safety, and performance requirements for our Clients.

A dedicated Quality Assurance department implements all planned and systematic activities within the quality system. We produce high-quality, actionable data, to strengthen your regulatory package.

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Client Testimonials

Emery Pharma has served thousands of companies including entrepreneurial startups, medium sized, and fortune 500 companies both local and all over the world. Here are some of their testimonials.

Portola Pharmaceuticals Source Portola Pharmaceuticals Large

“We have been working with Emery Pharma for the past several months and are impressed with their quality of work. We are extremely satisfied with their services provided, including scientific expertise, excellent problem-solving skills, precise laboratory work, and timely deliveries. Emery Pharma has proven to be incredibly helpful with our NMR work, they provided structural elucidation of some of our key compounds. The team is truly experts in utilizing their 400MHz Bruker NMR, performing experiments such as 2D NMR (HSQC, HMBC), GMP NMR, COSY NOSY, and much more. Their detailed reports, prompt communication, and swift customer service has been consistently exceptional and we look forward to our future collaborations together.”

Gero Logo Text 300x79

“We have been engaged in a very versatile cooperation with Emery Pharma for several years. We had different requests, different projects and the EP team always helped us with high professionalism. We often use a variety of techniques to evaluate our antibacterial compounds both in biological tests and by instrumental methods (NMR, HPLC) and had an extremely positive experience of the services offered by EP. In addition to routine tests, we also had a positive experience in a rather complex microbiological research: EP perfectly set up and performed this study.

I’d also like to mention the fact that EP responded very promptly to all our requests and was very cooperative. I am really satisfied with customer support, speed and quality of results and would definitely recommend their services to my colleagues.”

Connora Technologies Logo 300x95

“Emery Pharma provide endless support in supplementing and streamlining our research & development efforts. With their impressive laboratory and knowledgeable team, the company is able to tackle any problem we propose, at low costs and in a short lead-time. Emery Pharma has greatly exceeded our expectations and is an integral part in advancing our product development.”

Primus Power Logo 768x275

“Over the last three years, Emery Pharma has provided Primus Power with NMR spectroscopy and LC-MS capabilities to analyze the chemistry of our zinc-bromine flow batteries. EP has been accommodating to the special needs of our samples and receptive to our requests. Their scientists’ turnaround samples quickly and are very supportive with new method development. As one of the few analytical labs in the Bay Area that are equipped to handle our samples, EP has been a critical part of the success of our company.”

Blue Current Logo 768x132

“We have been submitting NMR samples to Emery Pharma for a little over a year and we are very happy with their fast turn around and competitive prices.”


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