News // Emery Pharma Opens it’s State-of-the-Art Microbiology, Cell Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, and Bioanalytical Laboratory in Alameda, California

Emery Pharma Opens it’s State-of-the-Art Microbiology, Cell Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, and Bioanalytical Laboratory in Alameda, California

Ribbon Cutting Emery Pharma

Emery Pharma Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in Alameda.
Charles Francavilla and Ron Najafi of Emery Pharma with Trish Herrera Spencer, Alameda Mayor.

Alameda, CA – Emery Pharma has moved to Marina Village in Alameda to it’s new state-of-the-art laboratory facility. The new facility is streamlined for the highly trained and experienced scientific team to provide expert contract research services in the areas of microbiology, cell biology, medicinal chemistry, and bio-analytical chemistry. “Our goal is to help bridge early stage companies to success, comments Ron Najafi, Ph.D., President & CEO of Emery Pharma. Our mission is to help our partner clients save lives and save our environment. Emery Pharma brings an experienced team of chemists and biologists with the latest instrumentation to accomplish our clients goal”.

The new facility provides many services in the fields of chemistry and biology. The analytical development group provides a broad range of method development, validation, and analysis support. This includes bioanalytical services to quantitate drugs and metabolites in biological matrices, such as blood, serum, plasma, urine, skin, and tissue samples. Product stability, quality control, and purity assessment is also offered.

Emery Pharma provides drug discovery, hit to lead, and lead optimization support to our clients. We have experience in many therapeutic areas, which includes wound healing, infectious diseases, oncology, ophthalmology, neurology, urology, surgery, and ENT. We are fully capable of handling a full medicinal chemistry projects with immediate in-house biological screening and assessment. Emery Pharma’s team has significant experience in drug and medical device development. They have taken several products from the bench, to clinic, and ultimately to FDA clearance.

Emery Pharma’s NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy) turnkey sample pick-up and delivery with data acquisition service, ensures robust vetting of quality hits and leads for customers’ research. The NMR advantage allows for non-destructive and quantitative studies of molecules in solution followed by a thorough LCMS analysis to help elucidate the molecular structure. Emery Pharma’s experienced Ph.D. chemists can isolate, identify, quantify, and characterize unknown materials from client’s samples.

Emery Pharma’s biology team delivers high quality microbiological testing such as antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) – Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC), Minimum Bactericidal Concentration (MBC) , and Time Kill assays, as well as array of biofilm testing such as Minimum Biofilm Eradication Concentration (MBEC). These testing enable development of a drug or help lead the project to it’s final designated target. Emery Pharma performs all the testing in compliance with compendial methods – USP, EP and JP. Emery Pharma has an excellent reputation in the development and testing of medical devices and offers testing services for biocompatibility, stability studies, LAL / endotoxin / pyrogen, sterility and sterility validations, microbial limits (MLT), antimicrobial effectiveness test (AET) and USP water testing. Additionally, Emery Pharma has significant expertise in pharmacokinetics / toxicokinetics, cytotoxicity, safety testing, and other in vitro and in vivo bioassays

About Emery Pharma
Emery Pharma, located in Alameda, CA, is a contract research organization focused on supporting mid-size biotech, Pharma, synthetic fuel, agrochemical, and energy-storage technology being developed all over the world. Emery Pharma’s experienced chemists and biologists, deploy state-of-the-art technology in support of its research and development collaboration partners. The team is capable of conducting organic synthesis in supporting of medicinal chemistry effort, biological screening, deformulation projects, and much more. Learn more about Emery Pharma by visiting: Or to get a free quotation for your project, please send us a brief non-confidential description to:


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